Current troubles with Barcelona

After yesterday’s win, one of the lines thrown around casually is that Almeria is a team struggling at the relegation zone and Barcelona should have beaten them easily. Barcelona should have beaten them easily. Yes. But not with a second string team.
In today’s football, there are no small teams. Every team should be respected for playing in the league and disrespect is usually punished with a defeat. When a team goes to a game with an attitude that a win is already in the bag, calamity ensues. Especially against teams that are tottering in the relegation zone as they have no time to blink.
There is nothing wrong with Messi. Just that the urgency is missing from the maestro. He did show that during the display against Ajax in the last UCL meet; when he and his team are committed everything can be spectacular. All that is missing is the drive. The biggest challenge facing larger teams are usually not one of lack of options to beat a team. It is usually the challenge of keeping the key players motivated to give their best against the smaller teams. That is where Lucho gambled that playing up-and-coming players might bring some fire to the performance. One area where he made a mistake was the defense and defensive-midfield. Mourinho will rest and fiddle all he wants with his strikers and forwards, but his defense and the defensive midfield is usually unchanged. He made a mistake a week ago and had to be bailed out by his A-team.
If Lucho is going to spin the bin and pick players in random for every game, then expect the results to be as random as they come.