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Expectations for the Madrid Derby

The first leg of the Copa Del Rey semifinal fixture was one of the worst football matches I have ever seen. No, it’s not about the result. It is about the complete lack of any sporting decorum between the two teams. Two teams can play exciting and close games when a lot is on the table. But these Spanish giants are living examples of how ‘winning at any cost’ can ruin the excitement for neutral fans. If you think Rugby is very physical and brutal, watch the Copa Del Rey semifinal first leg again. It is high time FIFA and all the leagues come with retrospective punishments for all on-pitch behaviour, whether reported in the referee’s match notes or not.

My expectations for the league derby today is pretty dismal. A tight match with a 1-0 result if the teams behave. Or a floodgate if Real Madrid opens scoring in the first 10 minutes and the Atleti lose their composure.


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